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One of the most common questions I get asked is, "What makes you different from all the other chiropractors?"  I truly enjoy this question because most people believe that if you have been to one chiropractor, you have been to them all.  My mission is to redefine how people view and understand what chiropractic is.  My approach to chiropractic is based on simple physics.  Structure equals function.  If your structure, meaning your bones and nervous system, are moving properly then you will have proper function.  If you want to throw a football, but the joints in your shoulder don't have proper structure, then all the muscles that are required to move during the motion will not function properly.  This is the beginning of a process where you will develop a wide range of problems.  

When people come to see me, I take a completely different approach from traditional chiropractic. Most chiropractors will only focus on the spine, but I look at the entire body and all the bio mechanics from the ankle, knee, hip to the wrist, elbow, and shoulder.  When it comes to athletes, throwing a football or swinging a golf club requires many components from proper ankle and knee mobility all the way through the neck and shoulder.  When people come to me for low back pain or sciatica, the first place I examine is the low back followed by the ankle, knee, and hip.  If these areas are not moving properly it begins a chain of complex compensation mechanisms that can result in low back pain.  If we were to only look at the low back, we would completely miss the true underlying problem.



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